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Photograph restoration service.

Your treasured old photographs can be copied and restored at Portraits by Hart. Torn, damaged, faded and cracked photo’s repaired. Portraits by Hart have over forty years of experience in old photograph repair and renovation and all work is carried out on the premises.


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If you are interested in purchasing any of our images either as prints or as block canvases. Make a note of the reference number of each picture you are interested in and please contact us.

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Volvo P1800 Sexy Detective, The Saint, Digital Art

A classic & iconic Volvo P1800 is featured in this digital fantasy art painting. A sexy lady detective adds a James Bond feel to this picture. The Volvo P1800 was made famous in the 1960’s Television Series “The Saint” staring Roger Moore. Created by Award Winning Digital Artist Linton M Hart LBIPP. LMPA.


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Volvo P1800 with Sexy Detective like The Saint